About Gaïa Studio No. 1

Gaïa Studio No.1 is a handmade ethical jewellery brand, dedicated to creating timeless pieces that last a lifetime.

Our Gold and Silver

Your peace of mind lies at the heart of Gaïa, which is why our designs are only ever produced in the most environmentally, socially and culturally responsible way. A proudly hypoallergenic nickel-free brand, all our designs are ethically sourced and sustainably made from either recycled 14 karat gold, recycled 18 karat gold or 14 karat gold-plated vermeil over recycled sterling silver. Our gold-plated pieces are gold coated vermeil with 5 microns of 18k gold. With the industry standard being 1.5 microns and 10 karat gold, we ensure you only high-quality materials that last.

Our Conflict-free Diamonds

Our decision to use only carefully chosen lab grown diamonds comes from our commitment to take the best care of both you and the environment. Our diamonds exhibit the exact same optical and chemical properties as mined diamonds yet steer well clear from any mining practices in the process. Whether it is the jewellery itself, or the 100% commitment to diversity and equality, Gaïa’s focus is on providing you with elegant jewellery you can feel good about wearing.

Our Bespoke Service

Gaïa Studio is delighted to also offer custom-made, bespoke engagement rings and other unique pieces for any special occasion. This truly allows Isabella to put her expertise into action, guiding you through each step of the process. Made by our highly qualified specialists here in London, only using gemstones that can be traced back to source and 100% guaranteed fair-trade, conflict-free diamonds.

Philippa Earrings and Gaïa Studio No. 1 Box
Gaïa Studio No. 1

Women empowerment

Offering 100% transparency, we believe in a more honest and diverse future. Instead of funding violent conflicts and environmental damage, with Gaïa Studio No. 1 there is only the support and empowerment of women of all ages, shapes and sizes, ready to take on their dreams.

Bespoke Rings