Isabella's Story

The first footsteps on the path to Gaïa Studio No. 1 were those of a little girl running along the outermost edges of the Baltic sea. It was the raw nature of the seaside islands of southern Denmark that provided Gaïa’s main source of inspiration and led to the sustainable, environmentally friendly designed jewellery brand that exists today.

A hopeless romantic with dreams of one day working within the wedding industry, it was while studying at the Instituto Marangoni where Isabella developed her love of elegant designs. As is shown in the naming of each and every piece, Gaïa’s jewellery has been created with the inspiring women around her in mind. Our bespoke designs are created in tandem with Isabella herself, as she draws on several years’ experience as a personal stylist, sharing the excitement of creating something truly timeless.

After spending a full year sourcing sustainable materials and ethically sound manufacturers, Gaïa aspires to design jewellery for every woman for all their special occasions, celebrating the beauty of individuality, authenticity and all of nature’s raw imperfections.

Bespoke Rings